• Tech Italy Advocates is a not-for-profit network of tech leaders (startups, founders, entrepreneurs, ​investors, mentors, accelerators, policy makers and ​experts) working together to grow Italy into a leading global tech/startup hub internationally
  • Tech Italy Advocates’ vision is to be the leading driving force and platform for Italy tech sector collaboration and growth and gateway to/from other global tech hubs, championing Italy as a global tech and startup hub internationally
  • We support the global growth of the Italian Tech sector/Startup ecosystem and our members
  • We connect our members with other global tech hubs through our global tech advocates family
  • We champion the sectors where Italy has a genuine competitive advantage
  • We embrace collaboration across the Italian tech/startup ecosystem


  • Community: Tech Italy Advocates global and ​vertical collaboration platforms -the direct gateway to tech leaders in specific industry verticals as well as our other global tech hub family from Silicon Valley, to London, Europe, China, India, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc.
  • Working Groups – FinTech, Health Tech, Smart City, Food Tech, Tech Talent etc. working to open up new growth opportunities and partnerships and remove roadblocks to growth across key tech sub-sectors
  • Events – Tech Italy Advocates own and partner events in collaboration with the leading Italy tech events

Tech Italy Advocates is a sibling organisation to Tech London Advocates – London’s influential private sector led tech network of nearly 10,000 advocates, who have played an instrumental role in growing London’s tech sector to Europe’s leading tech and startup hub.  Both groups are part of Global Tech Advocates,a global tech leader network with other groups based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Nordics & Baltics, Spain, North of England, Bogotá, Belfast, Singapore and Shanghai.


Global Tech Advocates was founded by Russ Shaw, a US business angel living in London, who previously had extensive experience in several technology companies, such as Telefonica or Skype.

Italy Tech Advocates was founded by:

Enrico Noseda

Advisor on Digital Transformation and Growth: Partner at growITup.it. Mentor, Non Executive Director and Angel Investor. Previously with Skype in London for 10 years since the early days.

Anders Nilsson

Advisor to Startups, Corporations and VC Funds on Open Innovation and Digital Transformation, leveraging his Swedish roots and successful career at Microsoft, with passion for digital innovation that provides business opportunities for Corporations & Startups.

Tech Italy Advocates is a non for profit initiative supported by sponsors, partners and a few collaborators that offer their service pro-bono NOT FOR PROFIT.


Tech Italy Advocates is a non for profit initiative supported by sponsors, partners and a few collaborators that offer their service pro-bono

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